3 Planter Styles For Perfectly Potted Greenery


One of the things I love most in a truly "homey" room is the inclusion of plant life in some form. It just breathes life into the room. In the past, I have seriously considered myself to have the complete opposite of a green thumb (black thumb? pinkie finger thumb?). The ghosts of plants past can confirm this label. Recently, however, I have actually seen some growth in my little kitchen window garden. Yay! In celebration, I'm treating my fledgling greenery to some new pots. Goodbye to the store bought foil covered plastic pots! These plants are getting some style! Here are a few of the styles I'm considering. See which one you'd pick...

Stylish planter style #1: classic (and classy) white

I love these planters! Ok, this is not a shock...I am a fan of white in nearly every case. It lends such a feeling of "clean, minimal, classic". The Scandinavian style has this nailed down and I love to incorporate that look when I can. It feels so sophisticated (hey, I can pretend, right?). My favorite part is that you can mix and match shapes, styles, finishes....white goes with white! So mix it up!

Stylish planter style #2: beloved brass

This will probably not come as a surprise to you, but brass is back in a major way. Once the pinnacle of 80's taste, brass has found its way back into our good graces. And I can absolutely see why. The metallic look, whether in small doses or as a star player, can go so many ways. When used in geometric ways, it easily goes contemporary or modern. In softer shapes, boho style is an option. Brass is also the epitome of traditional style. Classic! Whichever style you're showcasing, the metallic look makes rooms look lighter and brighter by reflecting the light around the room. Great option!

One note: if you're having planters next to each other in a brass or gold finish, it is very hard to get exactly the same color/finish unless you stay in the same company/brand family. It won't be a problem if you're scattering them around the room, but something to keep in mind if you're clustering your plants in a display

Stylish planter style #3: A bit of Boho

Ok, so we all know which ones I will actually go with. As much as I try to put on my "grown up pants", coordinating my items with style and class, I can't get away from my quirky, boho roots. I love me some woodland animals (seriously, who could pass up this hedgehog?!?) and easy, beachy colors. With textures, of course, the more nature influenced the better. 

So, after seeing the options, which stylish planter style will you go with? Classic, mix-and-matchable white? Metallic mojo with brass/gold? Or just a little different? Share what you have (or would like to have) in your home or garden~

If you're finding it too hard to chose between these amazing options, let's work together! As a team, we'll perfect your plant storage (and more)!