Bringing the Best of Autumn Into Your Home


I have to admit that Autumn is my very favorite season.There's a slight bite of chill in the air, the landscape starts to change from leafy emerald greens to rich reds, oranges and yellows, it's time to pull out those sweaters and flannel shirts again and pumpkin flavored....everything. And, while the Seattle area is visually stunning this time of year, what I really want to do is curl up with a cup of steaming apple cider, a good book and settle in with kitty for the afternoon. The likeliness of this happening in my home with two boisterous boys is another story, but I wanted to show you how you could capture this idyllic setting yourself.


Anthropologie has always been a favorite store of mine, from unique clothing to the distinct range of home wears they offer. It is indeed a dangerous store to visit. One of the many things they do so well is velvet upholstered furniture. For two separate clients I have recently selected their stunning Chesterfield sofas. Truly a statement piece, and an investment! For this daydream, I pictured myself sitting by myself at a window, and so chose the Alistair Chair in charcoal, one of *nineteen* different colors you can choose for your upholstery. And in this setting, no Snuggie would do. The warm, rich colors of the Formentera Throw called out to me as a wonderfully luxurious wrap on a chilly autumn day. When not lounging decadently, the perfect additions to the chair and throw are the Stitched Tippi Pillow and John Robshaw Indigo Wave Pillow. The former because it echoes the gorgeous hues in the throw and the latter because I love to ground my rooms in either a black or blue element. The opulent indigo is the perfect counterpoint to the charcoal chair. 

Thank you for joining me on my fall fantasy, hopefully you can use the beautiful colors outside your window to inspire your cozy autumn decor.