Big Kid Rooms

Big kid room: growing like a weed

Babies no more, these kids are on their way! They've outgrown their cribs and mobiles and are ready for some more room to sleep and play. They're growing faster than you can believe it, but they're still little. Can you imagine your little guy/gal sitting at a regular desk and desk chair? No! Together we'll find that balance between room to grow and way too big. Like Goldilocks said, "Just right,"

Big kid room: the style (and attitude that goes with it)

By now I'm sure your little one has discovered their voice and opinions. And, given their way, they'd dictate the entire design of their room. Dark purple probably. With floor to ceiling rainbows. Now, before you run for cover and dark sunglasses know that I'm on your side! Yes, this is their room. And they should absolutely love it! But that doesn't mean it sticks out from the rest of your home like a sore thumb. Plus, they'll get tired of it in a year. 

That's where I come in. I can listen to what your kiddos would love to see, what you need to have working and put them together into a fantastic looking, age-appropriate room that you'll both love. Here are some of my favorite examples.

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