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kids interiors that really matter

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You want better for your family. And so do I.

On top of all the good stuff above, when it makes sense for your room and budget you’ll get additions to your room that are:

  • Local to your family

  • From small businesses (especially women-owned)

  • Created by artists and artisans

  • Eco-friendly

You’ll model community building with your family. Because it’s important.

5% of proceeds from projects go towards Savvy Giving By Design. We’ll be able to support kids and families with their room dreams.

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The kids’ interiors stuff that’s out there? It feels so….cookie cutter. Where’s the creativity? Where’s the personality? Where’s the “soul”?

You want your kids room to make them happy, sure, but you also want to:

  • Make an impact with your purchases

  • Dig below the surface of corporate assembly lines

  • Find the story in a handmade quilt

  • Or find a crib built using sustainable wood

These things matter to you AND THEY SHOULD. You’re not just creating a room for your child. You’re modeling how to be part of a larger community.

Working together we’ll get you that kids room with history and life and intention.

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The secret weapon to designing these kids’ interiors? Online interior design.

This designing process happens while you’re going through life.

  • No need to take time off work to go shopping.
  • No cancelling your morning run to squeeze in a meeting before breakfast.
  • No.

In around two weeks you’ll receive your design package in your e-mailbox. So go enjoy that run.

Speaking of shopping, you get all that done when and wherever you jump online. The best part of your design package is a clickable shopping list of everything you’ll need. Click. Buy. Wait for delivery.

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My daughter’s room was overdue for a makeover but I really didn’t know where to start, and didn’t have the time to go visit stores and websites to get ideas, or to figure out what my budget should be. Jen created an awesome design for us incorporating colors and themes that my daughter loves, as well as items that were important to me to make the room functional as well as beautiful. I really appreciated that she was sensitive to my budget and provided alternate options at great value price points. I love that the design she created is flexible and can be easily updated as my daughter grows.
— Ang W.